Contracting with Experis

Flexible positions

Can anyone contract for a living? Can you?

If you're ready to live by your skills and talent, then yes. But contracting is not for those who value security and routine above all else: contractors turn up for a fixed period of time to solve a problem, launch a project or avert a staffing crisis and then leave, ready for the next one. The benefits are huge – you'll meet new people, gain unparalleled industry knowledge and build a killer CV.

Already contracting? Experis is always here to help you to find the right challenge, at the right rate, in the right location. We work hard to ensure you're not in it on your own.

Not sure if you're eligible to work in Switzerland? Read through our online guide on obtaining work and residence permits in Switzerland. Our Contractor Care team assists all Experis contractors through the application process.

Experis contractors benefit from our impressive client list – you get a better choice of assignment because we work with such a wide range of FTSE quoted and global brands.

Why should you take contract jobs?

Contracting has many great benefits. Working as an Experis Contractor you can expect more:

  • Money - contractors have traditionally been better paid than their permanent equivalent

  • Experience - contractors work in varied settings with differing personalities and can quickly gain a diverse CV and impressive experience. Employers see them as better at coping with change and unexpected problems.

  • Flexibility - contractors can take on work - or take breaks and holidays – whenever they want.

Contractors are their own boss - there’s a little more admin, but much greater control of your finances, your career path and your future. Having no guaranteed income may seem like a gamble but there are 6,000 contractors currently on assignments with Experis every day who would disagree.

If you want, some contracts will also give you a permanent job and you can test well if the employer really suits you.

Employers like hiring contractors because:

  • They’re convenient - hiring contractors is often seen as a more attractive option, particularly if the employer is not in a position to hire new permanent staff

  • They’re prepared - contractors are more agile than permanent employees because they are never surprised by redundancy and never have to quickly relearn forgotten job hunting skills

  • They have no “baggage” - because they are always on the move contractors are less likely to be affected by office politics, gossip and intrigues.

What makes Experis different?

Experis first began finding jobs for IT professionals back in 1987. Since then we’ve found work for, boosted the careers of and given job satisfaction to around half a million people.

As part of the multi-billion dollar ManpowerGroup, Experis is a globally recognised brand with annual turnover of more than USD 3.2 billion. However, our network of offices across 55 countries ensures that we still have our eye firmly on the local picture.