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Looking for an IT job in Geneva?

Are you looking for your next opportunity in the IT sector in Geneva – your search ends now! We are working with hundreds of top IT companies, and we can assure you some are looking for you. If you want us to help you match with your ideal role and employer, send us your CV and our team will do the rest!

With a location in the heart of Geneva - scoring highly for personal safety and quality of life - our Experis team is here to help you reach your career goals. Send us your CV and let our experts match you to your ideal role.

Are you currently looking for your next professional challenge, or planning a career move in the IT (Informational Technology) sector? Our team has the experience to help you reach your professional goals and find together with you your dream job in Geneva or around.

Joining the Experis community will help you find a job faster: we are working with great IT companies, SME and international corporations, which all have different projects, among which we are sure you’ll find what you are looking for.

Each and every month, our recruiter professionals are publishing more than 300 vacancies – both permanent and contracting placements. You will have access to all those career opportunities, and more, our team of recruiters will screen your profile and match you with the jobs corresponding the best to your unique profiles, skills and aspirations. Sounds interesting? Don’t wait any longer - your time is gold – and join the IT Elite today:

Want to have a look at our vacancies? We do have plenty of opportunities in Geneva, are we are continually recruiting candidates seeking Java Developer, Cybersecurity Experts, Sharepoint DeveloperProject Manager, C# Developer, .NET Developer, IT SupportBusiness Analyst, Infrastructure Architect, SAP jobs and many more. Want to find your dream role? Discover our opportunities in Geneva and apply for your next dream job:

Looking for a new employee in Geneva?

Do you have any difficulties in finding skilled workers to fill vacancies? You are not alone. We discovered that 60% of Swiss companies have this very same issue – in each and every sector such as Banking, Finance, Luxury, Medical, Healthcare, Life-Science, Marketing… So, if you are looking for new employees to hire for permanent or contracting placements, our dedicated team is here to help you and define the talent pool for your precise needs.

Each and every companies have specific needs and challenges in terms of recruiting. Let our team of experts help you finding the specialist you need for your company. For more than 60 years, Experis Global is building a network of professionals and our goal is to match premier IT professionals to your precise business needs. Let us help you find the best IT talent to keep your business agile.

Do you wonder how our team will help you find your ideal new employee? With both a talent multisourcing strategy and international sourcing capabilities, our recruiters will help you find the candidate with the right soft and hard skills to respond to your challenges. With our expertise, experience and knowledge of the Swiss labor market, we will be able to send you a shortlist of candidates matching the most with your expectations, and we will support you during the entire interview phase. Want to learn more about our permanent and contracting services?

Want to work as a recruitment consultant at Experis?

At Experis, we are looking for the good candidates, the one matching our client’s requirements. It is the mission of our recruiters to find ideal candidates for our clients. Do you want to become a recruiter at Experis? We can’t wait to meet you!

We are not only looking for candidates to be placed at our client’s company, we are also looking for people to join our team! Join our Geneva team and work together with consultant, sales representatives and recruiters – and be part of Experis, an international company with more than 40 officed worldwide!

Do you want to help people find their dream job? Join us and help us on our mission to build the future of work !

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Experis agency in Geneva

Experis Switzerland has different local agencies, both in the French speaking part of Switzerland, as well as in the German speaking part of the country. We have our offices in Geneva since 1999 and are always looking for talented individuals working in IT Project Management, Information Systems Architecture, System & Network infrastructure and security, Database Management, Data Management and Big Data, IT operations, Digital Transformation, Technical or Functional support, Cybersecurity, and much more! If you are looking for your next employee in such areas, read our service offering and get to know our consultancy services reading our dedicated page :

Experis is part of ManpowerGroup, and has a global presence with more than 40 offices worldwide, that are all exchanging together. By working closely with all the other Experis worldwide, we are able to exchange on new labour trends & insights and understand even more our own Swiss market. This allows our recruiters to advice you the best in your recruitment strategy. Feel free to reach out to our Geneva team so we help you find the best candidate for your vacancy.

If you are a candidate looking for an IT job in Geneva, we are also here to help you find your next dream job opportunity! Living in Geneva, it is enjoying the shores of the crescent-shaped lake of the same name (also called Lac Léman in French). This compact world city is a popular destination for all expats as it is the home of many multinational corporations and a beautiful lakeside old town.

So more than finding your dream job, you will be able to discover a beautiful and diverse city in the center of Europe, and enjoy swimming in the European biggest lake. If you want to find the perfect spot and have the perfect job, we can only recommend you look at our open vacancies in Geneva, check it out :


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