Tips and advice in Switzerland

Tips and advice

In this section we’ll share some of our expertise to ensure you’re equipped to move your career forward. From writing CV’s and tips around interviewing, to using social media to find work, we hope these guides enhance both your knowledge and confidence.

Job Search Basics

If you haven't looked for work for a while it can be difficult knowing where to begin. 

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Is Your CV As Smart As You Are?

Your CV should be an engaging advertisement for a unique product: YOU. Follow our tips for a CV that really does you justice.

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Using Social Media

When looking for a new job, your social media presence adds another dimension to your application. Potential employers will use your online presence to find out more about you.

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Work and Residence Permits in Switzerland

Thinking of moving to Switzerland? We have a handy guide on the basic requirements for obtaining work and residence permits.

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