Jobs Search Basics Switzerland

Job Search Basics

If you haven't looked for work for a while it can be difficult knowing where to begin. To help you find your next new job Experis has compiled a list of eight steps to get you started.

1. Take your job search seriously

To succeed in your search you need to be serious about it. If you are unemployed, treat your search like a full-time job. If you are employed, make it a part of your daily routine.

2. Know what you want

What do you really want from your next job? A chance to test your managerial mettle or to improve your work/life balance? What sort of job will put a smile on your face whilst also paying the bills?

3. Search everywhere

Recruitment agencies like Experis are an excellent place to start your search, offering advice and help, but professional social networking sites, company websites and classified ads are also useful tools. Use all these services – you never know where or when the ideal job might appear.

4. Understand the market

Review current vacancies and the number of people available with your experience. Take the opportunity to up-skill. Use job fairs and look out for relevant courses, seminars and lectures.

5. Create a CV as smart as you are

Always tailor your CV and covering letter to fit the job description. Never use a generic CV to apply for a job – make every single application unique. For more CV advice see our guide to creating a top-class CV.

6. Network until it hurts

There's a whole "hidden" job market out there that can be accessed through friends, family and former co-workers. Aim to speak to five people every week about advice and job leads.

7. Sell yourself to potential employers

Prepare a brief description telling people about yourself, your background and what you are asking for - four or five carefully prepared sentences that sum up and sell you to anyone ready to listen.

8. Polish up your interviewing skills

Start preparing now so that when invitations to interviews start arriving, you’re a slick interviewing machine. For more advice on how to interview see our guide on how to win at interviews.

We at Experis are happy to help and gladly provide you with detailed feedback after interviews with us or assist you with your CV or planning your further education.