Workforce Strategy in Switzerland

Workforce Strategy

In today's dynamic business landscape, organisations must adapt swiftly to stay competitive. A key determinant of sustained success lies in the formulation of a robust workforce strategy. This strategy aligns the company's talent management practices with its long-term goals, fostering growth and resilience.

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A well-crafted workforce strategy begins with a thorough assessment of the organisation's current state and future needs. Identifying critical skills gaps and anticipating future workforce trends allows businesses to proactively address challenges. Implementing innovative recruitment methods, up-skilling existing employees, and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace are fundamental aspects of the strategy.

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Moreover, cultivating a strong employer brand can attract top talent and retain high-performing employees. This, coupled with data-driven decision-making, helps optimise workforce allocation and improve productivity. Regularly reassessing the strategy ensures it remains relevant and adaptive to changing market conditions.

In essence, a comprehensive workforce strategy empowers organisations to build a talented, engaged, and agile workforce, propelling them towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

Employer Advice

As part of the ManpowerGroup, we have over 60 years of experience to draw upon. In this section, we’ll share some of our knowledge to help you hire the right candidate for your company.

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Manpower Employment Outlook Survey (MEOS)

Our quarterly survey is a trusted indicator of employment activity around the world. It's unique in its size, scope, longevity and area of focus.

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