Finding people who fit Switzerland

Finding people who fit

What does it take to succeed in your organisation? Skills? Education? Experience? Often the difference between a so-so team member and a star performer is something you can’t see on paper. Here are our top 10 tips for hiring staff with that all-important cultural fit:

1. Know your business

Are your corporate and core values well-defined? The better you know yourself, the easier it is to find the right staff.

2. Think beyond the job spec

In some roles a good sense of humour, a charming manner with clients or a strong sense of integrity could be just as important.

3. Look at your high-performers

Do your best employees have any similar attitudes or personality traits? Try to identify patterns in successful hires and learn from them.

4. Build a dream team 

For real success you need a balance of different strengths. Look for any gaps in skills, attitudes or interests in your existing team.

5. Have a 360 interview

As well as testing competencies, use hypothetical scenarios to uncover the candidate’s core values.

6. Simulate your workplace

If you work in a high-pressure environment, try a timed test. If you need a confident speaker, ask them to prepare a presentation.

7. Consider psychometric testing

More and more employers are including candidate profiling, as part of a thorough interview process, to help identify personality fit.

8. Find their motivation 

Ask candidates about their future hopes to identify motivating factors, e.g. money, security, ambition. Are they likely to be fulfilled?

9. Look backwards to go forwards 

Get them to tell you about their best and worst experiences in terms of office atmosphere, management style and teamwork.

10. Don’t devalue diversity 

While shared values can build a strong team, it’s important to check those values aren’t excluding any racial, religious or gender groups.

And remember: you don’t have to do it alone. Experis consultants are here to help you find outstanding staff – the driving force behind your business.