Employer Branding in Switzerland

Employer Branding

Employer Branding is a brand strategy to attract the best talent to your company by positively differentiating your corporate culture from others. It’s the job of selling not your products, but your company as a whole - adding value to your jobs and actively telling potential employees that winning a place on your payroll will be more rewarding and desirable than that of any other company.

That’s what Employer Branding is. Now, how do you implement it? Here are our ten recommendations:

1. Know your audience and tailor your brand to them

No single approach will work for all audiences, so it’s vital to know each audience, to understand what makes them tick and to tailor your offering and your message. To be successful you need to adapt your employer brand to your various target audiences, taking into account differing values, ambitions and needs in addition to geographic and cultural backgrounds.

2. Ensure your customer brand and employer brand complement each other

To reflect your brand effectively and attract the right people both brand strategies must be aligned - employer brand and external customer brand – otherwise they will work against each other. Only when your strategies are aligned will the values you want to project become synonymous with your organisation.

3. Ensure your branding is consistent

People interacting with your business want, need and expect your brand to be consistent. When attracting and recruiting staff it’s vital that everything - brand visuals, tone of voice and face to face experience - is ‘on brand’.

4. Your employees are your ambassadors

Your people should support the company brand and be your strongest advocates. Make sure all staff fully understand the brand and the role they play in communicating that either directly or indirectly. Otherwise that beautiful and expensive new marketing campaign could risk being derailed by a single off-message employee.

5. Engage management to keep the brand alive 

Effective employee engagement requires management engagement. All management need to work continually to embed the brand into the culture of your organisation, making it second nature to everyone involved.

6. Every encounter with your brand is important

Review every encounter a potential employee might have with your brand – their experience of your business begins long before you start recruiting. Where can your brand be improved before, during and after the application process?

7. Recruit as you mean to go on

Your entire recruitment process shapes the impression a potential employee has of your firm. It also influences them to apply for, and accept or reject a job. Research has also shown that a negative recruitment experience could lead to losing a future customer. So be certain that the process reflects your brand and attracts and engages the kind of people you’re looking for.

8. Keep your eye on the employer branding ball

Effective employer branding is all the more vital when times are tough. Employer brand strategy should be a long-term project to foster the support and confidence of your staff today as well as your reputation amongst prospective employees for when things improve.

9. Define career prospects for staff

Strong employer branding is a vital tool in recruiting quality staff. However, in addition most jobseekers place considerable weight on location, culture and prospects when searching for a role. Remember to define your expectations of an individual and what they can in turn expect from your business by drawing up a career plan.

10. Employer branding is never finished

Employer branding is a process, not a goal, so regular feedback is crucial to keep you on the right track. Ask employees their opinion of the company; ask ex-employees why they left and what might make them return. Finally, be prepared to act on this feedback when necessary.

Does your employer branding need a makeover? Then contact one of our expert consultants today - by working with you to understand and manage your recruitment needs Experis can help to make your business a great place to work.