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How to optimise your LinkedIn profile to get more job opportunities

When looking for candidates, recruiters usually just search for the keywords in the job advert and the location and off they go. And just like on Google, nobody looks at page 10 of the search results. To make sure you appear on top of the list when a recruiter searches for “your skill” and “your location”, you need to optimise your LinkedIn profile. The better your LinkedIn profile, the more likely you get found by a recruiter and the higher your chances of landing a job this way. It’s as simple as this. Follow our guide to optimise your LinkedIn profile and get found by your future employer.

Know where you stand

Have a look at your dashboard. How many profile visits and search appearances do you have? Also, check if you’ve got the “All Star” label. If you have it, you’re 40 times more likely to receive opportunities, according to LinkedIn. Now back to the search appearances. Having a high number is cool, but what really counts is the breakdown. Click on “search appearances” to see the job titles of your searchers. Are you found by the right people? If not, go back to square one and equip your profile with the right skills and keywords. Another interesting information is where the searchers work. If you’ve showed up in their search results, their company might be looking for people with your skillset. Use this information when you are looking for companies to apply to.


To increase the chances of being found by the right people, your profile should have the “All Star” status. To get it, you need to add all the information needed to your LinkedIn profile. The very basic things are a profile picture, work experience and information about your education. You should also list skills, your industry, location and add at least 50 connections. Once you’ve done that, we can focus on the things that many people forget.
Let’s start on top with the headline. The 120 characters should be a good mix of keywords and a story. The keywords make sure you appear in relevant searches, but the story makes it catchier and easier to read. Don’t just add your job title, add a catchphrase that makes people want to check out your entire profile.

A little further down is the next important section that gets overlooked all too often, the summary. It’s the largest space for adding keywords and advertising your work experience on your LinkedIn profile - use it! Make sure your summary is readable and catchy, especially the first paragraph. Don’t just reel off your accomplishments and skills. Tell people a bit more about yourself, too. A little personal touch is more than welcome in this section. At the same time, don’t shy away from adding important keywords to your summary.

Lastly, go to the skills section and make sure all your relevant skills are included. When adding skills, focus on the most important ones and make sure they’re understandable. Put yourself in the position of a recruiter and try to think about the way they would search keywords. Also, ask people to validate your skills. Social proof helps to sell your skills.


Now that you’ve optimised your profile to be found, it’s about making sure they stay on there! When recruiters look at a profile, they might focus on skills and background first, but they will also try to find out if you’re a good fit in terms of personality. Chances are, they will look at your activity, if visible. To also score points in this part of the assessment you’ll need to come across as an industry expert who is actively participating in the discussion. Share your milestones, get in touch with others and proactively approach people if you feel that you can help them. Offer insights and share your knowledge to elevate your status as a thought leader and spark a discussion around the topics you’re interested in.


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