How to recruit in the IT industry

How to recruit in the IT industry

IT engineers, web developers, big data specialists are all highly sought-after profiles in companies. How can you find the right profile for your needs?

It is crucial to recruit reliable and competent IT staff for your company, as they are the pillars of the digital transformation. This is because the IT team is responsible for all the technical aspects of running a business, from maintaining servers to securing and processing data, solving problems and keeping devices running smoothly. Recruiting the right IT staff with experience can be a challenge, but there are ways to make it easier. Here are our tips for finding the right fit.

IT recruitment in Switzerland: our best practices

Your IT staff is responsible for all the technical aspects of running your business as well as its online security, so it's important to find someone who can do the job right and whom you trust. Here are 3 tips for recruiting the perfect IT profile for your business:

 Have a clear idea of what you are looking for

This may seem like common sense, but many companies neglect this step and may end up recruiting a profile that is too general when they needed an expert in a specific field. We therefore advise you to first understand your challenges and needs to have a very precise idea of the type of profile you are looking for. By knowing all aspects of the position, you can avoid recruiting a junior software developer when you needed a senior DevOps engineer.

Clearly define the role and challenges of the position

When writing your job posting, be sure to include all the important details and challenges of the position in your company. Include all the relevant skills and experiences the candidate must have to meet your expectations. Cybersecurity expertise, management skills, experience in specific data analysis... If a candidate has 10 years of Java programming experience but is only fluent in Swiss German, they probably wouldn't be a good fit for your company if you're looking for someone who speaks English and Spanish. Know your issues, and make them known, be transparent. However, if you are having difficulties determining the challenges of the position you are looking for, our experts in Lausanne, Geneva, Basel or Zurich can help you define your needs and the profile you need. From the job description to the skills required for the position, our experts can advise you in your search for a new employee. Find out how we can help you.

Ask the right questions

Once the ad is written and published, you start to receive applications and you need to schedule your first meetings with potential candidates. At this stage, it is crucial that you test the candidates' knowledge and adaptability to your company. Ask them questions about why they applied, their previous projects, the clients they have worked with, ask them to answer questions specific to your industry or field of work. This ensures that they know what they're talking about before you engage them in future projects that will impact your business.

Also, consider scheduling meetings with stakeholders in your ecosystem, those with whom the new hire will be working, and ask candidates for a brief overview of their career goals. A candidate may have all the qualities you need, but if he/she doesn't seem to be in sync with your corporate culture, then he/she is not the right candidate for your long-term challenges. Ask the candidate the right questions, but don't forget to ask yourself the right questions, listen to yourself, because after all, you know your company and its environment.    

The challenges of recruiting in the IT sector in Switzerland

Recruiting IT staff is an expensive and time-consuming process. In the IT industry, recruiters must have the skills of a salesperson and the knowledge of an IT specialist. It's also important to know how to find candidates at all levels, from entry-level technicians to senior managers. The recruitment process can therefore be difficult for many Swiss organizations, as it requires specialized knowledge. So, what are the challenges of recruiting in this sector? 

The IT staff, the cornerstone of your company

IT staff are the backbone of your business. If you have questions about your IT needs, you'll want someone who can answer them. If your IT support staff leave, you want someone who is able to take over without causing problems. You also want someone who has a good attitude and can offer strong customer service skills if they need to call clients or customers when there is a problem. All of this requires both looking for candidates with the hard skills needed for the position, but also the soft skills that will allow them to grow with your company in the long term. At Experis Switzerland, our recruiters are experts in the 7 most sought-after cross-functional pillars of the IT industry, a valuable aid in helping you find the ideal candidate.

Hiring the wrong IT talent can put your business at risk

The success of your business depends largely on hiring talented IT professionals who fit your company's culture. If you don't have an effective recruitment strategy in place, it can lead to high turnover and increased workloads for your current employees. You'll need qualified staff members working effectively together, or you may suffer losses due to a lack of productivity in developing your services. By implementing an effective recruitment strategy, you will be able to attract the best candidates who want to work for your company. 

Our tips to charm IT profiles and talents

You've probably heard about the Great Resignation phenomenon affecting the United States. In 2021, over 38 million American workers have quit their jobs. The reasons? According to a McKinsey study, the main reasons are the lack of appreciation from their company or managers, and the lack of a sense of belonging at work. This phenomenon has spread across the Atlantic and strongly affects the IT sector, where profiles are both complicated to recruit and to keep... In order not to turn to quick solutions (mainly financial advantages) here are our 3 tips to charm IT profiles in a sustainable way. 

The human being above all

Everyone has expectations, dreams and passions. Some people want to have a good work-life balance, others prefer to work in a team and see their actions have a significant impact on the company. To recruit in an efficient and sustainable way, we advise you to listen to the candidate and understand his or her needs to best meet them and to stand out as a recruiter. 

Sell your strengths

A software developer will undoubtedly want to work with cutting-edge software and the most up-to-date technologies. Don't hesitate to sell your company's assets, your structures but also your cutting-edge tools that the candidate will be working with. To make sure you don't leave anything out, make a list!

Focus on transparency

It is important to be transparent, whether it is by communicating the steps of the recruitment process, the people the candidate will meet with or the precise missions of the position. For example, if you are recruiting a developer for a one-off project, you need to be able to clearly define the scope of the project. A developer who is already working on several projects at once will not follow you if the project seems too confusing. 

FAQ Recruiting in the IT sector  

What is IT recruitment?

The IT recruitment process consists of selecting the most suitable candidates for a position in information technology, IT.

How to source IT profiles?

IT specialists represent the 6th most under-subscribed job category on the market. Rather than relying on monetary benefits, think about the attractiveness of your offer, its benefits for the candidate and what will make them choose to work for your company rather than your competitor.

What is an IT profile?

An IT profile is a profile capable of helping you in the digital transformation of your company. From web developer, DevOps or Data Analysts, these profiles will help in the digitalization and security of your IT data.

What is the salary of a developer?

According to a study, the median gross annual salary of a software developer working at 100% is CHF 97,041, including 13th month and bonus.

How to recruit IT profiles?

Think about people first, sell the tools your new employee will be working with and be transparent. Read our article for more information.