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Patricia Bates

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Patricia Bates, Communications, Media, Branding & Knowledge Management Consultant

Experis partners with highly experienced consultants to deliver tailored business solutions to our clients. Patricia Bates is a Communications, Media, Branding and Knowledge Management Consultant. She currently works with a global pharmaceutical company in projects and engagements to establish Communications and Branding strategies. She also contributes to enhance and accelerate Communication and Change Management plan implementations. Patricia utilises various forms of media, including photos, videos and journalism along with the latest tools and technologies in order to create and deliver compelling and effective content.

We sat down with Patricia to find out what #experislife is like for her.

Experis: What makes your job meaningful?
Patricia: “My partnership with Experis has allowed me to follow my heart in my profession as a consultant specialized in four areas, namely Communications, Media, Branding and Knowledge Management, while providing tangible solutions that meet clients needs.

Often within IT and in the technical fields, the value of Communications is sometimes overlooked and many Project Managers are reluctant to establish and support a Communications workstream unless they are exposed to best practices and a strong portfolio of workable solutions.

What makes my job meaningful is the opportunity to bring clients on a journey of discovery that demonstrates and proves how Communications and Change Management techniques can benefit the execution, implementation and successful delivery of projects. Once Managers have seen this, they often include Communications in all future activities they are involved with.

Experis: Why do you love your job?
Patricia: “I started my career in the Professional Services industry, working for a Big Four firm. I always loved the opportunity of being exposed to a variety of business topics and to work with different people all the time.

What I love about my job now is that Experis offers me this same opportunity while allowing me the freedom to establish and organize my portfolio and business solutions in a way that puts and benefits the client first. As people are different, in the same way each business need is also different and deserves a targeted and tailored solution.

Experis: What makes your colleagues/company great?
Patricia: “What makes my place of work great is the opportunity to be involved with and exposed to interesting and innovative content in science and technologies. It’s really a fascinating experience to be part of projects that will someday, once they are fully implemented and completed, benefit people everywhere in the world.

Experis: What makes your job engaging? Inspiring? Challenging?
Patricia: “The medium has a strong influence on how a message is perceived; the medium is the message so to speak. Once this is acknowledged, it becomes clear how important it is to package content differently and in a targeted way so as to deliver multimedia solutions. I find this very inspirational. It is the motivation that keeps me thriving to learn and apply new technologies, tools and equipment all the time. It gives me a real commitment to continue to learn and think differently in each project I am engaged on.

We don’t just find jobs. By partnering with Experis, Patricia gets the freedom and flexibility to develop her portfolio in the way she wants.

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*Photography by: Ksenya Lim