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How to ace an interview as an introvert

by Nastasia Whyte

Nearly everyone finds interviews stressful, but they can be particularly tough for introverts. People with this personality trait struggle when put on the spot, and also can have difficulty with small talk and self-promotion.This sounds like you? Let our experienced Recruiters support you with five techniques to ace your interview.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

For introverts, it's particularly essential to prepare for interviews thoroughly. Preparation is the best medicine for those pre-interview jitters. Your interview preparation should cover the company, the position you're interested in, and the technical questions you expect to get. Finally, don't forget small-talk. Many introverts miss this important step — then feel awkward as they frantically try to come up with natural-sounding ice-breakers under pressure. Think of a few questions ahead of time, like asking about the interviewer's favorite hidden gems in the neighborhood.

Schedule your interview according to your needs

One common characteristic that most introverts share is that being around too many people for too long can overwhelm them. It makes them feel physically tired and “off.” That’s why it’s important you make sure you have enough time before and after the interview to wind down and do something not requiring social interaction. If possible, take the day off of work the day of your interview. Or, arrange to have someone else take care of your children if you have kids.

Have stalling techniques ready

Even with a lot of practice, it's possible interviewers will ask you an unexpected question. Plan ahead for this situation by practicing stalling techniques. You can buy yourself time by saying something like "Great question. Can we circle back to that one?" Find out more tips on how to respond to unexpected interview questions.

Sell your introvert qualities

Many of the qualities that introverts tend to possess are absolutely essential to having a successful company. Introverts are typically detail-oriented, creative, thoughtful, and work well both independently and collaboratively. Given time to prepare, introverts can shine in meetings and presentations.

Utilise the primacy and recency effect

Memory research suggests that we remember the most about what we heard in the beginning and at the end of a conversation. This is something you can use to your advantage, especially as an introvert. If you walk in with an enthusiastic smile, a confident handshake, and a friendly, “Hi! I’m..,” then the interviewer instantly classifies me as “enthusiastic, confident, and friendly”—and I’d have to work pretty hard to alter his or her initial impression.

Similarly, you want to end on a high note. Most interviewers try to summarize their thoughts as quickly as they can after you leave the room; the more time goes on, the less accurately they’ll remember the interview. So, you want their last impression of you to be as awesome as the first. Flash a big smile, say, “It was great to meet you, and thank you so much for this opportunity,” and give them another firm handshake.

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