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5 easy hacks for an outstanding CV

by Nastasia Whyte

Studies have shown that on average Hiring Managers spend just seven seconds looking at a CV before deciding whether a candidate is suitable for the role. First impressions are therefore crucial to your success, luckily our experienced Recruiters created some easy hacks for you.

Start off with a short profile

Obviously, the first place a hiring manager is going to look is the top of the page. Make sure you kick things off with something memorable and quick that gives them a clear idea of who you are. This is something you can easily adapt for different roles and or industries.

Include the right keywords

Once a Recruiter or Hiring Manager receives your profile, they will simply utilise ctrl+F to browse through your CV. If the keywords for the role can’t be found, you may already lose out. Make sure all the job requirements you meet are listed somewhere on your CV, including your language skills.

Don’t overload your CV

If your CV is difficult to read, it will bea huge turn-off for recruiters.By making your CV a 2-pager with enough spacing, you will keep readers happy and ensure that they can pick out the information they need quickly.Also, don’t over complicate things by using fancy fonts. They may look elegant, but they can be a real headache for recruiters if they make it difficult to read your CV.Stick with a clean, simple font like Arial, Tahoma or Calibri so that your CV can be swiftly understood by all who read it.

Tailor your CV to the role

Your CV is not a ‘one size fits all’ document.This means that sending the same one every time won’t be doing you any favours when it comes to impressing an employer.Instead, you should alter your CV in line with the role you’re applying for – using the job description, company information, and any other details you find from industry research as a guide.

Back up your credentials with examples

Even if yours are true, anyone can make up empty claims on their CV with no real evidence. So use examples to back up the roles, experience and tasks you say you are responsible for, as proof and to help your job history stand out. When you’re writing about relevant skills, qualities and experience, try and give some short examples to bring your CV to life.

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