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Why you should be applying during the summer months

by Nastasia Whyte

​The summer months have the reputation to be quieter and the wrong time for your next career move. While it is factual that the January and February months are when Hiring Managers receive their budgets for the year, applying with the masses can leave you at a disadvantage. Let us show you why applying over summer will give you the edge that you were looking for.

1. Standing out

You stand out from the masses, most think that summer is the perfect time to stop the search, a mistake that you won’t make. Spontaneous applications are your friends, as HR professionals receive less traffic during this time.​

2. Recruiters

They are generally less busy during these months and can invest more time in getting to know you as a person. At Experis, we always go the extra mile for our candidates. Register with us now and let us carry the weight for you 👉

3. Resignations

It’s common for staff who are planning to leave their company, especially those with children, to take advantage of the approaching summer holidays to take the plunge and hand in their resignation or to seek voluntary redundancy. They then have the opportunity to take an extended summer break with their family or take a breather before starting with a new company in the autumn.

4. Time

If you’re looking for a new role, but are still at your current job, your employers will likely be much more amenable to your booking some extra days off between August and September. This time off will give you a good opportunity to look for that perfect job and do some deep preparation intensively for interviews.

5. Ready for September

You’ll be all set and ready to go for your new role in September, unlike your more relaxed and tanned competitors who’ll just be getting back to sending out applications.

Convinced? Then let’s get to it! We at Experis are very active during the summer months and are happy to aid you with your next career step. Register with us now to receive career advice, CV consultations and access to exclusive IT opportunities across Switzerland 👉