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Best ways to spend your summer in Switzerland

by Nastasia Whyte

Switzerland’s not only a great place to work, but it’s also an amazing and varied summer vacation spot. Whether you want to explore the Swiss Alps, relax in Ticino, go wine tasting around Lake Geneva or all the above, this article will give you some fun ideas on how to spend your summer!

Exploring the Swiss Mountains

Whilst the Swiss Alps are the most popular during skiing season, you shouldn’t underestimate what they have to offer in the summer – amazing hiking trails, beautiful mountain lakes, “Rodeln” and a lot more. Below I will share information on a relatively unknown hiking spotand the answer to what “Rodeln” is.

  • Glarus - Switzerland’s smallest canton capital

Glarus may be small, but it has a lot to offer. It’s my favourite summer hiking spot because you have the advantages of being in the city, combined with pristine untouched nature at your doorstep. Just a ten-minute walk from the city centre, you will find the funicular of Ennenda from where you can embark on beautiful hiking trails e.g., the Fessis lakes that have been declared a UNESCO world heritage or the Murgsee where you can hike to a lovely mountain lake and river. Find more information Glarus’ hiking spots here.

After a day on your feet, it’s great to cool down and relax. From the city centre, you can hop on the Bus or take a short drive up to the Klöntalersee, which is also a great hiking spot by the way. Jump into this beautiful mountain lake and enjoy some well-earned relaxation time.

In the evening you can stroll through the town, eat dinner at one of their various restaurants and maybe enjoy a cool AderBräu or Elmer Citro, which are both produced locally. In addition, you can take walk through the area, where Elmer Citro is produced and take a free freshly produced bottle out of the ice-cold fountain.

  • Rodeln

Rodeln is an adventure, where you sit on a coaster and ride the tracks down the mountain. The longest tracks can be found in Pradaschier, which is in the pristine canton of Graubünden. Graubünden offers amazing hiking spots and beautiful spas. For instance, the Mineral Bad and Spa in Samedan. You can find some more amazing spots to go Rodeln here.

Relaxing in Ticino

Just a short trip through the Gotthard tunnel and you arrive in the beautiful canton of Ticino, where the Swiss love to spend the summer months. The climate is warmer, and it catches a lot more sun. There are two beautiful lakes where you can enjoy the sun and have a swim.

Ascona is a lovely little town on the Lake Maggiore. Ascona is known for its Mediterranean-style architecture and cafe-lined promenade. From there you can even take a boat trip to the islands of Brissago, they feature a botanical garden with impressions of exotic subtropical countries. It’s a lovely, tranquil place to spend your day. In addition, you can travel to the Valle Verzasca from Ascona. The valley has an iconic clear blue river to swim in. Many jump into the river from the bridge in Lavertezzo. So, if you’re in for a thrill, it’s the right place for you. 

If you drive a bit further in direction of the Italian border, you will arrive in the metropolitan city of Lugano. Lugano offers a great combination of the city life with fun places to spend a night out, while being able to hike up the Monte Bré and swim in the lake. If you would like to explore the lake by boat, there are many places to rent motorboats that don’t require a license. Another place worth visiting is Fox Town, an outlet mall only a few minutes train ride from the city centre. 

Wine tasting around Lake Geneva

Around Lake Geneva you will find many beautiful wine regions that cater white wine. One of them is the world-renowned Lavaux region where you can visit the “Domaine Gaillard & Fils”. It’s in the village of Epesses, and the tasting is held up in the vineyard, where winemaking couple Jean-René and Géraldine Gaillard run their family business. From here, you will be treated to a breath-taking view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. The wine tasting is accompanied by regional products from the neighbouring farms. An unforgettable, timeless corner of indulgence which is well worth the climb.

Another wine region worth a visit is La Côte close to Morges. More than 60 wineries in the La Côte region in Morges have come together to create this concept for the wine tasting. Their idea is simple: customers who sample six wines pay CHF 15 and those who buy six bottles get the tasting free! Want to take wine tasting to the next level? Then this TukTuk tour through the vineyards of La Côte is the right way to do it. Just hop on the thered TukTukto enjoy the guided tour. It offers a sense of freedom and views over the lake. Between Allaman and Mont-sur-Rolle, you can sample three different wines from the winery. At the Château Rochefort, you will be treated to a small snack made up of local delicacies. 

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