5 in demand IT roles in Switzerland

Top 5 in demand & hard-to-fill IT roles in Switzerland

by Nastasia Whyte

The most in demand sector is currently and has been for many years 👉 IT.
Across Switzerland there are over 10’000 IT jobs open on jobs.ch at this instant. But which IT talent is the most sought after? Read on to find out!

5. IT Support

With nearly a thousand open roles, IT Supporters are in high demand. Especially in northwest Switzerland we are constantly looking for IT Supporters.
Not only are there a lot of roles open, but there is also a talent gap.
German-speaking IT Supporters you are definitely at an advantage so its your time to be picky!

4. CyberSecurity

Jobs.ch currently has around 1’000 open roles in this field but this is just the tip of the iceberg.
With direct recruitment and contracting roles playing a significant role in this area.
Particularly, many IT Security consultancies are looking for senior professionals to work on exciting projects.
If you are an experienced Security Specialist who brings certifications (e.g., CISM, CISSP, OWASP) you are definitely in high demand.

3. System Engineering

We have seen an exceptionally high demand for System Engineers in the permanent employment market.
Presently, there are over 1200 jobs open on jobs.ch alone.
To a large extent, there is a short supply of German-speaking talent with the majority of open roles located in the German part of Switzerland.
Regardless, English-speaking talent is also highly sought-after all over Switzerland.

2. Business Informatics

The second most in demand and hard-to-fill jobs in Switzerland are in the area of Business Informatics.
The field of study is relatively new to Switzerland. Many of our leading universities only have started offering Business Informatics degree programs in the last five years, which is part of the reason for the talent gap.
There are over 1’500 open Business Informatics roles on jobs.ch at this time.

1. Software Architecture / Engineering

At Experis, we have experienced an exceptionally high interested in Software Specialists during the past few years. Both in the permanent and contracting market. With the top programming languages being JAVA, C#, Python with nearly over 80% of the open software roles targeting them.

Made the list? It’s your time to be demanding!
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