Working for Experis

Why I love working for Experis

In 2017, I accepted an employment contract with a former employer, Experis, after having worked for over ten years with numerous other global corporations in Zurich. Since I rejoined, I have been inundated with questions from old colleagues and friends asking me WHY have I returned and isn't it a step back? These queries got me thinking, questioning my decision and motives and I hence felt compelled to write this article, to outline exactly why I decided to return to Experis....


First of all, some of the best work memories of my professional life were at Experis. The famous Elan Summer Boat Party, internal fun themed Sales Days, the amazing annual conferences across Europe are all events that have stuck with me and I looked back at with more than fond memories. The unique synergies, team culture and positive corporation between the teams and offices were electric and I remember always being on a constant high because of that.

Brand Ambassador

Even with a 10 year gap, I have always remained an ambassador of Experis; referring friends and even family to the company. In fact two of my brothers have even worked for Experis - one to complete a week of work experience and the other as a six-month trainee. I have remained true and loyal throughout not because it was expected but because I wanted to and was sure those I recommended would experience the same Experis buzz I had for so many years.

We are Family

Experis feels like part of my extended family. I don't see my boss as a manager, I see him as a mentor who brings out the best in me and uses my personality, experience and skills to benefit the company. He gives me a platform to blossom, puts trust in me and allows my innovative curiosity to flourish. It is a win-win for everyone.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Every day my job takes me in a different direction and I feel energized and excited to work amongst other like-minded people. There is also great freedom to think outside the box and do things a different way - often a totally new way. In fact, not a day goes by where I haven't learnt something new. It is empowering to work next to people who share their knowledge and who I can learn from and better myself. It is also refreshing to know that my opinion is counted, valued, my ideas are considered and executed and I never feel my ideas are not listened to.

Laws of Attraction

I don't need to say it, but it is true that great people attract great people. Not only is it a wonderful feeling to know I work for the world’s leading IT Recruitment specialist but it is inspiring to be surrounded by great leaders and facilitators of the future.

Personal Development

I am growing each day and developing myself. I believe my efforts are recognized and I am rewarded for the work I do. That's always a good feeling, isn’t it? After all, happy people are productive people.

My Foot Print

As a Training coordinator, I love the fact that I am the first person to make an impression on new staff and that I am responsible for every step of their development. It is my job to support them in being the very best at their job and find this a huge and rewarding experience. I feel personally responsible for everyone who joins the company and want them to relinquish their full potential. That's where I can put my own little foot print on the world and contribute to their future.

Work is Not Work

The hours fly by and I often cannot peel myself away from my desk at the end of the day as I am so emotionally connected to the work I am doing. The people make it enjoyable and I look forward to seeing them daily. Furthermore, I find myself doing a lot of discretionary work in my free time (extra reading, research, branding, networking etc), as I truly want to stay one step ahead.

Not Just a Job

Experis is not just a job; it’s a way of life for me. I use social media to promote Experis whenever possible whether that be recommending or replying to people on Facebook job groups who are seeking employment, posting photos of our successes and the fun on Instagram or sharing articles on LinkedIn which others may benefit from.


These days a salary payment at the end of the month is simply not enough to get most people motivated – not me, anyway! Experis offer much more than just a pay slip. Despite the fact that I am not a sales consultant or recruiter, I am part of a generous bonus scheme, get 5 weeks of annual leave, “Fit First” vouchers towards my gym membership to stay active and healthy and am included on numerous “out-of-this-world” incentive trips. Not bad at all.

Industry Leaders

Last but not least, Experis are the global leaders in professional resourcing and project-based workforce solutions. We have offices in over 50 countries and work with over 80 percent of the Fortune Global 500, deploying 38,000 skilled professionals every day and accelerating organizations’ growth by attracting, assessing and placing specialized expertise in IT… Who wouldn't want to work for a company like that and be amongst the crème de la crème of recruitment world?

For all these reasons above, I am now back at Experis and loving it!

Do what you love and love what you do – these are certainly the words I am lucky to live by.

Have I whetted your appetite and you want to be part of our innovative team too? If so, check out to see a full list of benefits and to apply. You won’t regret it!