Recruitment Agency Switzerland

Why your next career move should involve a recruitment agency

When people think of recruitment agencies this often comes hand in hand with “getting people a job”- I can admit that I once thought the process was as simple as this. After a year at Experis recruiting IT professionals within the fast paced Swiss market I have realized that there is so much more to the recruitment industry than meets the eye. Are you actively searching for a new job and not getting anywhere? Keep reading and find out why your next career move should be with the help of a recruitment agency.

It’s free!.... Or is it?

Whoever said “Nothing in life is free” has never worked with a recruitment agency, because that’s exactly what we are, and avoiding it to help you with your career path could be the most expensive mistake you ever make! We provide a free service for all of our candidates looking for new opportunities. Whether you are actively applying for work, contemplating a new career path or just seeking friendly advice you will not need to take out your credit card before calling us!

We know the market

It is in a recruiter’s best interest to keep up to date with the latest market rates and trends. Whether it is the local market for general advice or the international market regarding a niche specialty you can always count on your recruiter to point you in the right direction and give you the best advice.

Strong client relationships

Your way into your dream job is not always easy if you’re doing it on your own. We take pride in not only building, but maintaining strong long-term relationships with our clients. Having this trust enables us to know the ideal candidates that are desired for any particular role and we devote our time to preparing our applicants to the best of their ability and coaching them towards the next step in their career.

Let us take care of it!

Don’t like to call HR managers? Don’t like to negotiate salary or working hours? No problem – we do it all for you! Looking for the perfect job can feel like a full-time job in itself but with a recruitment agency this is certainly not the case! An added luxury is that we will take care of all the intricate details that are often overlooked. Throughout any process we will have complete transparency with our candidates to ensure that everything is clear, everyone is calm and there are no surprises down the line.

New to Switzerland? We can help!

Around 25% of the Swiss population are Expats, and if you have ever been to Switzerland you will understand why people don’t want to leave! We help Swiss and EU Nationals develop their career and start a new journey in a beautiful county with one of the highest qualities of life in the world. The Swiss market is different to any others and can sometimes be a tough market to break into and this is where some much needed help from a recruitment agency can help you. Whether you are contracting for six months or relocating permanently to Switzerland, recruiters are always at hand to offer their advice and tips on the process.

Not today? Maybe tomorrow!

As much as we try to get the ideal role for all of our candidates, unfortunately the outcome is not always successful. As the employment market is always in flux when one door closes, another can open very rapidly and we have endless chances to work with our candidates again and continuing to do so until the right opportunity is found.

To sum up, the recruitment industry is not all about making calls, making money and signing contracts. It is more about building relationships, creating opportunities and most importantly having fun! If working for one year at Experis Switzerland has taught me anything it’s that while recruitment is fundamentally about “getting people a job” it is more about connecting people and companies and helping you achieve your true potential. There are no challenges too big, no meetings too long and no jobs that cannot be found!

Start your new chapter and submit your CV on the Experis Website today or contact us directly. Don’t hesitate to connect with us if you’re an IT professional heading in a new direction.