Corporate Social Responsibility at Experis

Corporate Social Responsibility

As the professional arm of the ManpowerGroup, our commitment to responsible business practices is fundamental to our group’s culture. Experis strives to provide a great work environment for our employees and to be a beacon of integrity for our clients.

Once you consider the nature of the work we do, it becomes clear that our core business mission is social responsibility in action. Experis is committed to:

  • respect for people, clients and community and the role of work in their lives

  • sharing our knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable workforce practices throughout the world

  • striving for excellence through innovation to develop socially inclusive working environments for the long-term

All employees are subject to the ManpowerGroup Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that promotes honest and ethical conduct throughout the organisation. To preserve our culture of honesty and accountability, unethical conduct can be reported via the ethics hotline.

Outside of the work we do to connect clients with professional talent, we participate in initiatives where we can make an impact, helping to create a bridge to employment for disadvantaged individuals through various workforce development programmes around the world. We are also dedicated to increasing awareness of, and opposition to, labour practices that exploit individuals, particularly those who are vulnerable.

Our commitment to social responsibility has resulted in the ManpowerGroup Annual CSR update that details just some of the work we do in the key areas of workforce development, the environment and corporate governance.