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If you’re looking for a job in Geneva, our recruiters can help you find a job that suits your experience and expertise. Experis is a leading IT recruitment agency specializing in matching talented IT professionals with leading employers in Geneva.

With 41% of employers in Switzerland having difficulty filling jobs, Experis helps clients attract top talent in Geneva’s competitive marketplace. Our recruiting specialists in Geneva have developed strong relationships with employers from a variety of industries such as JP Morgan, BNP Paribas Switzerland, Procter & Gamble, WTO, IFRC and Cargill, all of whom are looking for IT professionals that can bring expertise, passion and something extra to the table.


Beware of Scams: Experis is committed to your online safety. Be cautious of unsolicited messages on platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram, as external individuals may impersonate Experis employees. Always verify the authenticity of any communication and never share personal or financial information with unknown contacts. Your security is our priority.