Permanent IT Recruitment Switzerland

Permanent Recruitment

Your permanent staff are key to your business - their efficiency, their knowledge and their innovations define your success. More than just talent, you need motivated people who will develop an in-depth knowledge of your business, identify improvements and mastermind your long-term projects.

We have the proven processes and expert resources to recruit, assess and qualify the right professionals for your permanent positions at every level – those who have the right skills and experience, share your vision and can generate positive business results from the get go and for long term. You benefit from improved workforce quality, greater productivity and efficiency, and a remarkably fast return on your investment.

What makes us different?

  • Best in class delivery - our sourcing capability, operational model and highly trained specialists will identify, attract and engage the best talent in Switzerland and beyond.

  • Sourcing expertise - Experis has a proprietary multi-channel sourcing strategy focused on precisely identifying in-demand IT professionals, faster than anyone else.

  • Candidate experience - We care about people and the role of work in their lives. This is our cultural value, which translates into a distinctive positive experience for our candidates - your future employees.

Frequently placed positions:

  • Systems Administrator

  • System Integration

  • IT Security

  • DevOps

  • IT Project Manager

  • Front End Developer

  • Back End Developer

  • Full Stack Developer

Looking for IT employees in Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Bern or anywhere else in Switzerland? Then don't hesitate to get in touch!

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