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Experis Academy- We create the IT Heroes of tomorrow

The Talent Shortage in IT is growing at a rapid pace. Experis Academy is here to bridge that gap. We help companies to rapidly recruit, train and onboard young talent or upskill their current workforce. By partnering up with some of the most prestigious tech-schools in Europe, we are creating the next generation of IT heroes in Switzerland.

Our training methodology

Option 1: We train graduates to market

Hiring junior staff with little to no work experience requires a lot of support and mentoring. The Experis Academy training methodology is designed to shorten their learning curve significantly so that full productivity is achieved faster. 

The best part? Experis will deploy Academy students after graduation, meaning companies don’t have to pay for their training.

Are you currently looking for IT professional and would like to meet our graduates? Or are you interested in hosting young professionals for 12 months on a regular basis? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!  

Option 2: We upskill your current workforce

Do you have great employees but the wrong skillsets? Are you struggling to find IT experts with specific skills? Don’t worry – the Experis Academy can upskill or retrain your current staff.

Combine our available courses to fill your gaps. All course modules can be tailored to your exact training needs, and we quickly add new courses and modules as required.

To find out more, fill out the form below or get in touch with Martyna Slosarczyk ( or call +41 44 229 99 95.

Find out more

Experis Academy classes available 2023:

3-month courses:
  • Java Fullstack

  • .Net/C# Fullstack

  • Cybersecurity

  • Embedded Development

  • Data Analytics

1-month courses:
  • Java Backend

  • .Net/C# Backend

  • Python

  • Embedded Development

  • Javascript

  • Cloud Security

  • Advanced Backend

  • Data Analytics

  • Test Driven Development

  • Cloud Solutions

Our training partners: