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Florian Hein

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Florian Hein, Identity & Access Management Administrator

Experis offers opportunities for young professionals to explore career paths within leading organisations. Our consultant Florian Hein is an Identity & Access Management Administrator for a global pharmaceutical company in Basel. He is responsible for managing user accounts when employees are relocated or simply need to work from different sites.

We sat down with Florian to find out what #experislife is like for him.

Experis: Why do you love your job?
Florian: “My job provides enough autonomy and flexibility to be productive. I don't have the same strict work schedule every day. I'm often free to decide in which order I want to do which task. Now, of course there are deadlines to adhere to but as long as I'm able to fulfil them, I'm free to choose how to go about my work. As a result, I don't struggle to stay disciplined.

Before I got this job, I used to look at the clock quite frequently. Now I look at the clock less frequently because I'm too busy making things happen and be in the moment.

So far, I even enjoy attending meetings! The reason is that I like thoughtful and challenging discussions that lead to decisions, initiatives, and changes - changes which I can help realize.

Most important of all, the job provides a great balance. Neither do I feel burn-out from the workload nor am I concerned with bore-out.

Experis: What makes your job meaningful?
Florian: “I'm a part of something larger that makes a difference. I'm a part of a company that makes a difference to millions of people’s lives and I can identify with that pretty well. 

Through my work, I see internal and external customers not as people to satisfy but simply as people with real needs. I enjoy working with people and I appreciate their feedback. I see my customers as more than just numbers so I gain a sense of fulfilment and purpose from taking care of their needs. 

I get to learn something new every day and have the opportunity to improve myself in various areas such as technical knowledge, communication and people skills and many more.

Experis: What makes your colleagues/company great? 
Florian: “I value the internationality of the company and the cultural diversity of the people who work here. For example, during the first couple of weeks I met co-workers from England, Denmark, the U.S. and India. I also like the weekly get-together with the rest of the IT-department to chat and get to know new colleagues and exchange knowledge.

Regardless of one's own work status, everyone is treated as an equal colleague. Even though I'm not officially an internal employee but a contractor, I don't feel "foreign" or anything like that, I feel that I'm part of the company.

I trust my colleagues and they trust me. I can always ask questions and my colleagues help without hesitating." 

Experis: What makes your job engaging? Inspiring? Challenging?
Florian: “I like that my job challenges me every day in different ways. Challenge is good most of the time but having the same kind of challenges or problems to solve every day can quickly transform into what we refer to as “the grind”. I rarely feel that is the case in my job since the tasks I have are pretty diverse. It’s also quite fast paced with new implementations happening almost every week.

As I mentioned before, I don’t struggle to stay disciplined. If anything, the biggest challenge for me is to prioritise. Typically I have so many things I want to do sometimes that I struggle to decide what to do first and how to prioritise, and this is a way keeps me engaged. I want to do so much which is why I don’t struggle to motivate myself to go to work.

I like problem solving and looking for novel ways to tackle challenges so it’s great that my team welcome ideas on how we can optimise our processes.

We don’t just find jobs. We understand that it’s not just about what Florian can do that’s important, so we matched him with a job that inspires him and fits with his personal work style.

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