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Alex Nussbaumer

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Alex Nussbaumer, IT Consultant - Lync Engineer

Alex Nussbaumer is a freelance IT consultant who recently set up his own company, centrovis. He partnered with Experis to support a Lync rollout project at Switzerland’s largest exhibition centre. Alex is tasked with implementing a unified communications infrastructure to enhance the organisation’s collaborative capabilities.

We sat down with Alex to find out what #experislife is like for him.

Experis: What makes your job meaningful?
Alex: “I'm a technical guy so IT infrastructure is what I live for. This is really my passion, it’s my life basically. Originally I started working at a bank so I have a financial background but computers fascinated me so I switched and got a degree in IT. Over the past 14 years working on different international projects, I've grown more and more fascinated with the work but also the other key has always been the chance to meet and work with people from other countries.

Experis: Why do you love your job?
Alex: “I’d say being a freelancer gives me the freedom and flexibility to take on different projects which makes my life interesting.

I really like dealing with new people because they all have different thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. And obviously I love the tech stuff and learning new technologies, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this job.

Experis: What makes your job engaging? Inspiring? Challenging?
Alex: “In my space, projects tend to vary a lot. There’s a massive span of things you can do just within IT infrastructure. I really like that because it’s challenging my person every day to become better at what I'm doing. I don’t get bored.

At home, a cow bell is hanging off the wall. Every time I’d come from a meeting and win a project I would ring the bell. It’s always a nice feeling to experience something as simple as that.

The most challenging bit for a freelancer is always the first couple of weeks when you work with a new client. Trying to gain their trust is challenging especially since your goals are to hopefully win an extension or a new project.

We don’t just find jobs. By partnering with Experis, Alex is able to work in the way he wants to reach new opportunities.

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