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"I'm a technical guy so IT infrastructure is what I live for. This is really my passion, it’s my life basically. Originally I started working at a bank so I have a financial background but computers fascinated me so I switched and got a degree in IT. Over the past 14 years working on different international projects, I've grown more and more fascinated with the work but also the other key has always been the chance to meet and work with people from other countries. ” Alex Nussbaumer

“My job lets me be part of something big. I work in a global company so it means a lot knowing that my daily contributions to various IT projects has a direct positive impact on my colleagues worldwide.” 
Patricia Marchorro

“I value the internationality of the company and the cultural diversity of the people who work here. For example, during the first couple of weeks I met  co-workers from England, Denmark, the U.S. and India. I also like the weekly  get-together with the rest of the IT-department to chat and get to know new colleagues and exchange knowledge.” - Florian Hein 

“I find my job meaningful because we’re there to protect something and to keep our customers’ businesses running.  For example, a Denial of Service (DoS) attack could get very bad quickly which could then result in high losses for a bank. My job is to ensure that our customers’ systems are safe and secure from such attacks.” - Joël Stillhart 

“What makes my job meaningful is the opportunity to bring clients on a journey of discovery that demonstrates and proves how Communications and Change Management techniques can benefit the execution, implementation and successful delivery of projects. Once Managers have seen this, they often include Communications in all future activities they are involved with.” Patricia Bates