Career Options Switzerland

Your Career Options

We know that your potential can't be captured in a resume, job title or job description. With a detailed understanding of your unique talents, experience and interests, we match you to the right positions, to accelerate your professional success.

We offer opportunities across both contract and permanent work, and go to great lengths to ensure the roles offered are in sync with your skills, interests, career goals and lifestyle.

With numerous benefits available for each employment type, we invite you to consider the options that are available to you:

Contractor Roles

Companies across all industries look to contract workers for specialized expertise and the flexibility to meet fluctuating business demands. In addressing the pace of change our clients face, Experis delivers a large volume of contract roles.

Contracting offers immediate work benefits while providing a lasting career impact. It promotes professional growth and offers candidates the flexibility to have greater control of their career development and lifestyle. While contracting involves keeping your own accounts, Experis offers our contractors access to expert advice. Each new contract assignment provides an opportunity to gather new skills, grow in experience, gain exposure to various industries and organisational cultures, and expand your professional network. You will have access to numerous opportunities and more chances of finding work that inspires you. With each experience, your marketability will grow and your career will continue to accelerate.

Permanent Roles

Permanent roles offer a level of job security and a structured working environment that appeals to many. It facilitates long-term career growth and builds continuity, providing employees the opportunity to develop invaluable experience within an organisation, and opening the door to opportunities for career training, development and job progression. Permanent staff can take advantage of numerous benefits including holiday and sick pay, along with a range of other incentives that come within a benefits package specific to each organisation.

Experis tries to understand you; what really makes you tick and what's really important to you and your career. We tap into our extensive client network, open the right doors, and promote your qualifications. If you want to develop your career, we will help you find that next permanent position that lets you soar.